We are making fast and beautiful websites, do search engine optimization and system administration. We love our work and respect our customers. All members of our team previously worked in large companies on client side, so we understand the needs of your business. All out sites that we do work in composite mode and superfast under heavy load.

The website should lead visitors useful and increase your profits.

The website needs to look good in any browser and on any device.

The website needs to be fast. Nobody likes slow websites. Even the search engines. Therefore, we make websites in composite mode, which speeds up the site significantly.

The website should work for you, not you for it. High quality and user friendly website is the key to successful sales.

Integration with billing, enterprise systems and CRM increase the impact of the site.

We understand that you want to get not an abstract visit the website and the real customers.
Your website will be gorgeous on any device. We use the block adaptive layout for ideal display.

All of our customers when ordering have a composite mode as a gift. This will speed up the performance of your website significantly and will reduce costs of hosting.

We will make you an outstanding responsive website design according to Your wishes, turn the result of the designer in a web page displayed in the browser, integrate web pages with content management system, will modify the required functionality, raise the position of the site in results of delivery of search systems according to the requests.

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  • The concept
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  • Task

Best platform (management system) for websites at the moment is 1C-Bitrix Site Management. Hosting can be anything, but it is necessary when selecting to pay attention to some parameters. For example, the type of the disk subsystem (preferably SSD) and other parameters that must be calculated before the start of the project.

Question 2

Can I not at once you to pay for the development, and the first to make the advance?

Yes, you can pay 50% of the project cost in the beginning and 50% after completion of the work.

Question 1

Why as the platform you are using Bitrix? But if I want the site to another platform, for example, in Joomla?

We only work with 1C-Bitrix, as we believe this platform is the best. We have certified specialists who are professionally engaged in this platform.

As for other platforms, we certainly know and have used. But we recommend our customers to 1C-Bitrix.

Question 3

How much does it cost to make a website?

This question is impossible to give a definite answer since the cost depends on many factors. For example, the functionality of the primary content, the type of project (an online store will cost more), design. All these issues affect the project cost.

If to speak about the lowest price website development by 1C-Bitrix, it starts from 1000 USD, you will receive a website "turnkey".

Question 4

What is so good this Bitrix?

It is good that this platform is developed by the professionals who listen to the opinion of the community of developers and the wishes of the customers that gives an excellent result.

As for other options, Bitrix scalable, works with large volumes of data and tamper-resistant