On this page we collected the questions that we are asked frequently. And give the answers.

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    What is included in the development cycle of the site?

    1. At the first stage, discussing the future of the project with the customer to understand the needs and the required functionality of the site.

    2. Then there is a internal technological discussion, in order to evaluate the possible risks and development time.

    3. The estimate, which is agreed with the customer.

    4. Is a contract for the development and license agreement for the platform (1C-Bitrix).

    5. The client pays 50 percent of the project cost.

    6. We write the Technical project on the website, coordinating it with the client.

    7. After coordination and approval, we immediately begin work on the project.

    8. The finished site is shown to the customer, which can make the correction at this stage.

    9. After all approvals and improvements the site is translated into "attack" mode on customer's hosting.

    10. We do the final setup of the site is already in "combat" mode, simultaneously observing the load and the behavior of the server, while the client pays the second half of the project cost.

    11. We conduct initial training of responsible persons of the client on the basic operations to work with the content of the site.

    12. In the final we pass the site to monitor the quality of implementation of 1C-Bitrix, and if the customer does not object, the company 1C-Bitrix conducts a survey of the responsible person of the customer, to find out how well we performed the work.

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