Dmitry Ivanov

The ideological leader of the team and the lead developer. The first computer, which he mastered - ЕС1040 (IBM 370). Since then, in the subject. He communicates with clients, comes up with all sorts of interesting things, and all commands here.

Olga Bavykina

An outstanding mathematician, a very strong analyst. Doted on his dog. Neat and careful work, but we do not criticize this, because this approach is beneficial to the common cause.

Marina Fatneva

Copywriter of the highest class. Teachers of the Russian language, like the scouts, the former are not. Excellent writing SEO texts using not only the head but also putting the soul.

Dmitry Mordvintsev

A real system administrator, with a beard and a sweater. Makes everything hardware always works, even if he sleeps this time. Outstanding specialist and man who loves his job and cats. Master Yoda of system administration.